Case Study


new_GB22Problem: A local baking products company wanted to create a high-quality brochure to increase sales, and turned to us for help. The company’s previous printing and design firm had gone out of business, taking all of its necessary files with them.

Solution: Considering the customer’s market, we determined that its audience would be most intrigued by seeing the company’s products put to use.

MultiGraphic’s dedicated staff created a new brochure from scratch by taking pictures of the customer’s products as well as heading into the kitchen and making the recipes to take pictures of the baked goods.

Result: With a new, eye-catching brochure to show off, the customer was able to engage its audience and boost sales. The brochure was such a success, the customer has reprinted it several times.

Attributes: Our solution delivered a quality printed piece well-suited for the customer’s industry and gave the customer the confidence in finding a new printer to trust with all of its future printing needs.


Problem: A nearby university was unhappy with its then current printer’s quality and inconsistency of their corporate brand colors and came to us for help.

We showed our printed samples to the university, giving them the confidence to trust us with all of their printing and promotional needs.

Solution: MultiGraphic created a variety of high-quality marketing materials and promotional products that worked well with the university’s colors and overall image. Everything from the school’s brochures to its letterhead was consistent and eye-catching.

Result: With a steady supply of vibrant, high-quality marketing materials to send out, the university was better able to engage with students, faculty, and parents.

Attributes: Our solution delivered a consistent brand image and marketing materials for the customer. All products were affordable, delivered on time, and exceeded expectations.


Nursery2Problem: A local customer came to us looking for ways to increase brand awareness, sales, and knowledge of product usage.
We started with discovery to learn as much as possible about their users, competitors and industry through interviews, user research, and competitive research.

Solution: MultiGraphic created an integrated marketing test program through personalized and variable email blasts and direct mail postcards to drive prospects to a Personalized URL which included a landing page, combination survey and profile page, thank-you page and coupon redemption.

Through real-time dashboard reporting capabilities of the email and PURL, the customer was able to track individual responses to allow for new product development and determine which medium had the highest response rate towards his target audience.

Attributes: Our solution delivered innovative ideas and a campaign which included email marketing and direct mail that provided excellent results to track against for future campaigns.


Problem: A corporate office which owns several nursing homes/assisted living and rehab facilities in the area approached us to streamline its form and inventory process. Each of its facilities would order forms at different times, duplicating orders and wasting precious time and money.

Solution: MultiGraphic created a dedicated numbering system for all of the customer’s forms and inventoried everything in one place. We were able to keep track of the customer’s ordering history as well as order in bulk.

Result: With a dedicated numbering system in place, the customer stopped making duplicate orders and was better able to keep track of its forms.

Attributes: Our solution saved money and precious time for the customer. By developing a more efficient form and inventory process, we helped improve the customer’s overall workflow.