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Want better marketing results?
Think about your marketing channels as members of a sports team. Individually, whether direct mail, digital, or wide-format, each channel may pack a powerful punch, yet none of them is at its most effective when working alone. For the best results, marketing channels need to work together.

Want to get the most out of your multichannel marketing?

Here is a basic game plan:
1.Everyone wear team gear.
Each channel may be different, but they’re all on the same team—and they should look like it. You aren’t going to be able to maintain 100% color consistency across digital and print channels (although you can get close). However, you can ensure consistency in other areas, such as images, color schemes, and messaging.

2.Put the right players in the right positions.
Sports teams have different positions by for a reason. Sure, an NFL linebacker can run the ball, but if you want the most effective team, the linebacker needs to do what he does best—tackle. Likewise, an NFL running back can play defense if necessary, but he’s best in the role of catching a pass and running it down the field. So it is in marketing! Each channel has its strengths. Know these strengths and place each one in the overall marketing line-up where the entire team will get the most significant benefit.

3.Play to the audience.
New England fans aren’t going to respond to the Dallas Cowboys the same way they do the New England Patriots. Likewise, not every demographic is going to respond the same way to every channel. You’re not going to engage many retirees with text marketing, for example. Plus, the mix is always changing. It used to be that only teenagers and college students used Facebook. Now they’ve moved to SnapChat, and Facebook is used by older demographics, as well as businesses and organizations.

Want your multichannel marketing team to produce a Super-Bowl-style win? Identify your marketing objectives, maintain brand consistency, and ensure that each channel is in the right position to maximize its effectiveness for the team. Need help? Let’s chat!
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