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Briefcase Full of Pens, Bag Full of Hats: How to Craft Promotional Products that See Your Customers, Not the Trash

Marketing giveaways- they love the trash. Almost all of us have received promotional items at some point, whether a pencil or a toaster. The potential for company flare is great- but only when implemented smartly. Here’s how to keep your materials from ending up in the trash:


  1. Choose for Personality

First of all, ask yourself where you are sending your items. Are these potential or current leads, or valuable customers? How does the tone of your items shift according to its receptive audience? Do these various tones all play in harmony with one another to preserve your brand identity?


  1. Choose for Usability

How will the receivers of your materials interact with them, and how does this forward your brand? The most profitable promo items are those which function as investments. If you are marketing to writers or other office administrators, perhaps the best choices are stationary items. Because they interact with these materials daily, there is continual advertising- and advertising which is already serviceable to them!


  1. Choose for Action

Do your materials ask something of your potential or current leads, or of your valuable customers? Do your give-aways function as a sort of continuous call to action? Digitalized materials (perhaps even with QR Codes) have become increasingly popular thanks to their malleability and means for personalization. It is critical to keep in mind the purpose of your materials- you want to increase your ROI, after all! Sending out little items with no productive purpose will only end up in the garbage.


MultiGraphic Marketing is here to help you design and deliver attractive, productive, and meaningful promotional items which see your customers, not the trash. If you have an idea brewing, we’d love to discuss it with you. Give us a call at (717) 625-1255 or email us at!   

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