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1. Clean – wash your hands, before and after preparing each food item. It’s easy to ignore these directives when you’re outside playing Frisbee with Fido

2. Separate – we know it’s tempting to pour your marinade sauce over the cooked food or place cooked meat back on the platter you brought it to the grill on, but don’t give in. Always keep raw meat and its juices separate from cooked food.

3. Cook – Make sure you cook items thoroughly on a grill; the timing can be very different from your stove. Using a meat thermometer is a good way to determine if the meat is properly cooked.

4. Chill – Bacteria grows quickly under the hot sun. Refrigerate your meat while it marinates and keep that potato salad in a cooler that’s well-packed with ice.

Just a few helpful tips from the staff at MultiGraphic to help keep you healthy this summer. Happy Grilling!

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