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Author: Jeremy P Stanfords

Spread the word for little or no money with Promotional Products in York PA

Modern technology has made business available at our fingertips and more accessible with just the click of a mouse. However, with social media usage on the rise, it might take more than just a fancy website to keep customers. If you are a business owner in York PA looking for a few new ideas, below are a few ways to not only keep consumers engaged, but also gain a few new ones, all without spending too much money.

Customized Ink Pens
Printing the company name on an ink pen is one way to spread the word. However, offering free pens to customers is equally – if not more – effective. It may not seem like it, but when someone uses or offers your company’s pen to write with, it puts out the name of your business, and its services. For example, you never know when someone will need a chiropractor, plumber, or roofer, and decide to make a call after seeing your name printed on the side of an ink pen.

Customized T-Shirts
Like with pens, custom T-Shirts are another way to subtly advertise your business. The name is emblazoned across the front or back, but unlike pens, there is a little – or a lot – more space to work with. In addition, the free advertising is a little more prominent, and may even draw a few questions about what exactly the company does. A simple errand-running mission gives the company free publicity, whether it is intentional or not.

Vehicle Wraps
This may cost a little more, but it is something you see all the time. Cars on the road, decked out in bright colors, displaying the name of a company, along with contact information. Although a vehicle wrap requires you to design the entire car or truck with either a painted or vinyl surface, removing the wrap or decal is also fairly simple, and does not cause damage to the vehicle.

Social Networking
Perhaps the easiest method, in terms of cost, is to simply start a professional social media profile. Millions set up profiles bragging about their personal achievements, and what goes on before and after hours. These pages are equally effective at spreading the word on what you are doing for customers and even the community. In addition, you can personally interact with fans, and get their input on how to make your organization better. If money is keeping you from advertising the way you want to, you should definitely consider starting up a social networking profile.

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