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Don’t Stick Them Everywhere! The DL on QR Codes

For QR codes to attract more customers and bring greater profit to your brand, they must be employed smartly.



Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) have been on the decline in the United States over the past few years, but in other highly cosmopolitan countries around the world like Japan, they are still more numerous than ever. As with many ill-informed advertising strategies, the seemingly ‘coolest’ ideas can easily flop due to poor integration.

QR Codes are simply black and white, square-shaped barcodes easily scannable with most smartphones after installation of any QR scanning app. In contrast to a regular barcode, QR Codes are able to store much more information, from entire web-pages with photos, to videos and other interactive media.

In terms of QR Code implementation, we have three recommendations:

 1. The Profit is in the Placement

Most importantly, place the QR Code where users may safely and easily access and scan it. QR Codes have been placed on the most impractical of places, such as billboards and license plates. Unfortunately there is no smartphone app that will materialize a ladder or freeze time while you’re driving. You can most safely and beneficially place QR Codes on business cards, mailings, or promotional materials.

2. The Profit is in the Purpose

Before you even place your QR Codes, you need to plan their purpose. Are the QR Codes presented to current or prospective customers? How will the QR Code change their experience interacting with your ad? If I am a prospective customer who has received a mailing, what information or experience will scanning the QR Code give me which is otherwise unavailable on the just-received mailing? QR Codes simply fail when their purpose is deemed worthless by scanners. If someone scans your QR Code only to find a Terms of Service page, chances are they will move on.

3. The Profit is in the Practice

After considering placement and purpose, it is important to continue asking how implementation of QR Codes has affected your other advertising strategies. Does your QR Code function as a call to action? Does it make sense to alter your codes in any way, or perhaps remove them altogether?

QR Codes are simply another potentially profitable part of integrated marketing. Digital developers continue to craft innovative ways for marketers to engage their potential or current customers, and time will only tell if QR Code experiences a revival.

MultiGraphic Marketing would love to help make your brand the next step in the re-popularization of QR Codes. If you give your customers a reason to become curious, they will. Allow us to help you get there.

To learn more about QR Codes or other forms of integrated and Multi-Channeled marketing, feel free to give us a call at (717) 625-1255 or send us an email at  We create marketing solutions for clients in York, Lancaster, & Lebanon PA and all surrounding counties.

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