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5 Ways to Tap the Power of Floor Graphics

When we think about wide-format signage, we think about looking up—at trade show banners, wall graphics, and hanging signage. However, one highly effective but often overlooked application for wide-format requires you to look down—floor graphics.

Today’s floor graphics are both durable and lightweight. They are also designed to be removable. This means you can switch them out on a regular basis for different promotions and events.

Here are five ideas for using floor graphics to reinforce your brand and market your products.

1. Create a powerful welcome. Greet customers as soon as they walk in the door. Use floor graphics to reinforce your brand, promote special offers, and say hello at the same time. What a “welcome” surprise!

2. Create a themed area. One growing use of floor graphics is to create themed floors. Say you are a bookstore and want to create themed events each month. You might have Dr. Seuss Week, Mystery Week, or Action Week. Set aside an area of the store and use floor graphics to identify the location and market the event. Because floor graphics are removable, you can create a new one each month.

3. Alert shoppers to promotions. Have a hot new product that just arrived? Launching a discount to drive new business? Use a floor graphic to point people the way. “It’s here! Follow the Yellow Brick Road!”

4. Reinforce the message of your direct mail campaign. Pair your direct mail campaign with floor graphics, so they complement and reinforce one another. First, people receive the mailer. Then, when they walk in the door, they see the same message reinforced at their feet. Even if shoppers didn’t receive the mailer, they will still see the promotion once they walk into the store.

5. Go wall crazy. Who says floor graphics have to go on the floor? Use them as highly durable wall murals, too. When something sticks, it sticks!

Floor graphics offer unlimited opportunities to reinforce your brand, educate your audience, and create messaging that is highly visible. Use your creativity to maximize the value these amazing products provide.

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