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1.Be distinctive: Stand out from what your customer would find at a retail store. Here is a distinctive item that stands out from the competition: 9′ ARC UMBRELLA. 8 panels. Works with any Bluetooth connectivity. 2 built-in stereo speakers are water resistant. Crank opening and tilt features. Sturdy 38mm steel frame construction.

Be the life of the party!

2.Be Mindful of Multiple Uses: choose an item that will go beyond just the event, like coolers and umbrellas or chairs. They will get used over and over again thus increasing the life of your branding efforts.

3.Consider Incentives: higher price-point outdoor products can be a great choice for incentive and rewards programs.

4.Bright Is Best: Bright colors are useful for outdoor marketing, t-shirts or silicone bracelets for example. These promotional items can be used as a way to quickly identify event attendees or to separate people into different groups.

5.Plan for Weather: make sure the event items you choose can withstand the elements. A cool idea for the warmer days is the FanFan which acts as a multi-function banner, which can be a noisemaker or a fan! For the Fall and Winter choose a scarf or a beanie with your logo-keeps you warm and looks great.

6.Try Direct Mail: Mailing someone an item as a way to hook them into attending an event has always been an interesting way to approach direct marketing. Any small, mailable item is a good choice, from sunscreen to soccer balls, but we came across a great idea a Banner Pen. Sporting a full color, retractable banner that is pulled out from the barrel of the pen, the ideas are endless, but one idea we really like is sending out a banner pen before a college orientation with a map of the campus and a schedule of events. This is super-helpful to the students who feel a little lost upon arriving.

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