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Author Mark Deller

Printing used to entail the making of metal printing plates for each color being printed, mixing ink colors, finding the correct ink match, making sure everything lines up properly, drying time, etc…

Printing in 2015 is about making a piece look good on a computer screen, sending it to the digital printer and printing. The upfront process, printing process and post printing process is easier, faster and less expensive.


6 advantages:

Designing a piece or creating the artwork.

Emailing proofs for approval.

Sending art to the printer without the need for printing plates.

Virtually no drying time needed after piece is printed.

Smaller quantities can be printed at a lower per piece price that used to require much larger quantities.

Turnaround time is much faster.


These are just a few advantages of state-of-the-art digital printing. Call us today. We would love to share the advantages with you!

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