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grass seed is like content marketingThere’s a big, dead, ugly spot in your marketing plan. The leads have dried up and you’ve tried numerous things to get them to pop back up with a lot of hard work and have seen little success. You spread the news, witnessed tiny signs of hope, but all your efforts seem to bring you back to that empty, pathetic spot.

I spent a couple decades of my life in the lawn and landscape industry. One lesson that I learned is that when it comes to growing a new lawn, people have a lot of misconceptions and are regularly unsuccessful. You’d think seeding you lawn would be easy after growing a magnificent styrofoam cup of turf in 1st grade, but it just seems that no matter what you try, results don’t come easy.

Content marketing is kind of like seeding your lawn. What seems like a simple task is widely misunderstood and poorly executed, leaving company owners and marketers frustrated.

6 Ways Content Marketing is Like Seeding your Lawn

content marketing1)  Success requires time and specific conditions to reap a reward.Everything takes time. You can dump thousands of pounds of seed and millions of gallons of water on your yard, but it won’t make grass germinate sooner than it is possible. There needs to be a minimum temperature and moisture for a period of time or nothing grows. The same is true for content marketing. Don’t expect to post a few blog posts and to be flooded with website traffic and form completions. It takes time and you are going to have to continue to do what is right until you see results.

2)  You can’t succeed everywhere. If you seed a spot on your property that has poor soil or not enough light, results will be minimal short lived. Understanding your audience is crucial in content marketing. Spend time learning who your ideal customer is. Find the conditions where you need to plant some interest in their minds and do so at the right locations online.

3)  The kind of customers you gain are equal to your investment. A bad lead is like cheap seed. All grass seed is not created equal. You may find a 20 lb. bag for $5, but I guarantee you there is a reason why a $30 bag of the same size is worth the spend. Read the label and see what kind of garbage is in that bag and know that some seed will be rated to germinate better than others. In essence, you may be sowing a lot of seeds, but many of them have no chance in producing results. You may be tempted to go with the cheapest content marketing solutions, but creating a specific strategy to attract specific kind of customer may cost more. Investing in driving quality traffic to your website that actually converts will be worthwhile. No one wants to grow a crop of customers that choke the life out of good ones.

content marketing4)  Faithful nurturing is the biggest factor in content marketing success. Mother Nature is a fickle gal and won’t always give the right amount of water to grow a killer lawn. Just like it takes an investment to drag around sprinklers and wake up at the crack of dawn to irrigate before your morning commute, content marketing requires faithfulness and diligence. Some leads will take continued nurturing until they get firmly rooted in your organization. Attend to them and treat them like the delicate shoots they are before they wilt and die.

5)  New results don’t mean ongoing success. You may be able to grow the strongest new lawn, but without keeping on top of things throughout the years, your crop may vanish. Just like it takes time to help a lawn mature and be protected from attacks, smart content marketing over the years can turn a new customer into a brand advocate. Content marketing topics can help to educate and excite your customers to the point where they engage to defend your brand against social media haters and skeptics.

6)  Success will multiply. The first tiny grass blade can eventually turn into a full grass plant that spurs on more growth. Likewise, customers can not only been gained but can multiply as they mature into brand advocates. A good content marketing strategy provides easy ways for brand followers to share and spread knowledge of your goods and services to generate more qualified leads through your website.


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