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Author: Megan O’Neill

April is care car month- time to get out there and clean off the salt from the winter storms and find  the actual color of your car again!Ruff ready care care kit

  1. Keeping the outside of your car clean by hand washing is a great way to check the body’s condition. It lets you feel if any rust is bubbling through or finding any scratches or dings that will need addressed.








2 & 3 Eating in your car is not a good idea but if you have to do it make sure you clean up after yourself! Car air fresheners help eliminate the food odors and a handy trash bag to dispose of the food wrappers is a good idea to have on trash bagair freshener2


  1. No vehicle should be without the emergency hammer. Hopefully you will never need it but if you do the hammer like design is used to break the window and the handle contains a seatbelt cutter.Vehicle Escape Tool
  2. Emergency auto kit is a must have for every vehicle. The kits contain roadside emergency items, such as first aid, signaling equipment, a flashlight, tire gauge, police banner and rain poncho. Some kits also contain jumper cables.Auto kit
  3. A blanket is great item to keep in your car as well. Helps to keep your friends warm if you crank the air conditioning too high in the summertime (I am guilty of this) and warm in the winter because your car is not equipped with heated seats!blanket


  1. My favorite thing is the trunk organizer. It helps to keep your trunk tidy with large compartments to organize, transport and store your belongings. Some organizers come with a cooler compartment which is great for tailgating! This one has 3 areas for imprinting, perfect if you are sponsoring an event. It allows you to showcase the event, your company’s name as well as another company that might also be sponsoring the event and could help share in the cost of the item.tailgater2


Remember all these items can be imprinted with your company logo and given as gifts to customers or employees. It lets them know that you’re thinking of them. Showing you care about their safety and well-being.

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