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 Here are some excellent tips to help navigate in the Social Media World!

Author: Shubhashish

This post will highlight 8 ways to engage on Twitter. These are 8 easy actions that will not only help you tweet well, but more so take a tweet and leverage engagement and connections from that tweet in an authentic and fun way.

#1 Use first names

By using first name in a tweet you are immediately personalizing your tweet. Check your @mentions daily and respond to people by name. If someone RT’s (retweets) one of your tweets, go to their profile and check to see if they have a ‘real’ name listed (if not part of their twitter username). Use first names. It’s worth the effort!

#2 Give Compliments

If you see something great about the person, let them know. A simple gesture only takes a moment.  And sometimes you meet really cool people during the ‘engagement’ afterwards.

#3 Make Lists

Twitter lists are an excellent way to group people and brands you love to follow – you can easily sort through your stream to address important valuable tweets.

#4 Follow Up on Lists that you are added to by someone else

This is another way that a simple Tweet can lead to something more.  If you are added to a List you can see it: a) in your newsfeed and b) in your List section (under Member Of). If someone adds you to a list, thank them! You never know where it might lead!

#5 Schedule Content

You can’t and shouldn’t be on Twitter 24/7, so give yourself a break and schedule relevant posts, but just be sure to watch your responses carefully.

#6 Acknowledge New Followers

Send a personalized ‘hello’ or engage with a new follower’s recent tweet instead of sending automated direct messages to the users. Acknowledgement helps to connect directly with the new follower.

#7 Share great Content

If someone has worked on a blog post or piece of writing, the very act of sharing and acknowledging it means the world. So never underestimate how much it can mean for you to take a couple of seconds and share a post with your network, no matter how big or small it is. Sharing is caring in every sphere in this space.

#8 Personalize Your Profile

Complete your profile and make it interesting, followers want to know who you are, what you do and where you’re from. Keep the information real and authentic.

There are many more ways to engage on Twitter though these 8 ways will help you create your online presence worthwhile. To know more, click here.

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