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A few months ago I was at a conference and one the training sessions was on elements of writing an effective email. You may think it’s a simple task but many people miss the boat. Some of the challenges we as the recipient of the email face is ineffective subject lines, cumbersome, no continuity and misspellings. There is nothing worse than your email causing confusion with lots of unneeded back and forth. It’s frustrating!

So what constitutes an effective email? It’s simple- be clear and concise, grammatically correct with no misspellings. Be informative and direct and most importantly make sure you identify yourself. If you do not identify who you are or where you are from you could be missing out on a big sales opportunity! Here is your checklist:

  • Write a meaningful subject line
  • Keep your message focused- short and to the point- what is your desired outcome from this email?
  • Limit Attachments
  • Don’t assume privacy
  • Be kind- never send messages when you are emotional
  • PROOFREAD (remember capitalized words denotes shouting)
  • Show respect and restraint
  • Respond promptly
  • ALWAYS include your signature line

Writing an effective email gets results! Let MultiGraphic Marketing help you with your next email blast.

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