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Ideas Into Action- Part 2

A large regional financial institution asked us to come up with an idea on how to reward their employees for doing a good job throughout the year. They wanted something that would encourage their employees to strive to be at their very best all of the time. They also wanted something that the employees could be proud of and that would be in keeping with their company branding.

We were able to present several ideas to them but the one they liked the most was corporate apparel with the company name and logo embroidered on them. Our client did not want to look at catalogs, find out what size and color the employee wanted and send us the order. They also did not want to deal with getting the decorated clothing back and having to see that their employee received their particular item. In addition to all of this, our customer did not want to worry about receiving an invoice and paying for each individual clothing order.

MultiGraphic Marketing Company came up with the solution to create an online company clothing store. We went through the clothing catalogs ourselves and picked out a number of items. We also developed and built an online store that showed all of the clothing items with the available colors, details about the item, sizes and their decorating options.

At the request of the customer, we created an account for each employee and applied an online credit to that employee’s account. We then printed a card stating that a credit has been applied to the employees company store account.  The employees can then select the corporate approved item(s) they want in specific size and color.  Since we had already applied a credit to their account, when they were ready to check out of the company clothing store, the credit would automatically be applied to their purchase. If they bought more than the credit amount, it would ask for their personal credit card information to complete the transaction. We then send one invoice on a monthly basis to the financial institution for the total of all of the credit they gave out.

What seemed at first to be a problem in rewarding employees for a job well done, turned out to be an easy fix. Now the employees look forward to receiving their clothing.This has been so well received that rewards in the form of a store credit are given to employees throughout the year for special promotions.  After they give someone a reward of a clothing store credit, MultiGraphic takes care of the rest- ordering, fulfillment and compiling the totals to send them their monthly invoice. One of the unintended advantages of this online company store clothing site is the employees are able to purchase company embroidered clothing anytime. They do not have to wait to receive a credit from the financial institution.

Here is the multi-channel breakdown:
Creative: Online company store-front
Printing: Employees are notified with a pre-printed thank you card indicating the credit amount.
Promotional: Embroidered clothing.
Direct MarketingEmail “blasts” to all employees announcing the company store.
Fulfillment: putting branded apparel in to individual bags labeled for each employee
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