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Author: Ellen Dohm

The most successful sales reps are winning at cold emailing because of these two reasons:

  • They connect on a different level outside of the buyer-seller relationship
  • They entertain the buyer

A response showing interest is the goal – plain and simple.  An intelligent buyer will see through a customized email template.

You want to connect on a different level and entertain the buyer.  A buyer is a person first and a buyer second.  They have feelings – excitement, pain, happiness and every other emotion engulf the buyer on a daily basis.  Your job is to connect in a way that’s unique.  When a buyer responds you want them smiling as they correspond.

  • Find something in common with the prospect – college, mutual friend, sports team.
  • Show them respect – they’ve earned the position of buyer and you’re trying to sell them something.  Research their background on LinkedIn and address their accomplishments in the email.  Everyone loves acknowledgement.  A well said compliment will show respect.

A well-rounded sales rep can relate to a buyer in numerous ways.  Whether it’s a quote from Steinbeck, a movie analogy or a sports stat, cater your message to what’s valuable to your buyer.  Twitter is a great way to understand your buyer’s interests outside of work.

In cold emails you’re not selling your product, you’re selling yourself to get a chance to sell you’re products value.  As the recipient reads the last word of your email, they should think this person is engaging, smart and passionate and want to know what you’re selling.

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