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To market successfully today requires an acquired understanding of the ways in which information flows and is received via multiple digital avenues. In a matter of two decades the amount of devices or ‘channels’ from which persons receive, record, and relay information has exploded.

How many devices do you own? A computer for sure, most likely a cellphone. But maybe also an iPad, an iPod, an internet TV…even another cellphone. Whether you are in a pool or in a plane, you most likely have access to the same information. Multichannel Marketing attempts to take advantage of each and every digital avenue, making sure to adjust marketing angels accordingly while still preserving an overall firmness in brand identity.

Multichannel Marketing is an organic process, and its perfection is ultimately the goal of integrated marketing. There must be continuity across all integrated platforms. Without a common score and tempo, an orchestra falls out of harmony, and even if each musician plays with a passion, the orchestra as a whole is unlistenable. What you say to your customers on their mobile iPhone site must be in tune with what you say to them in your mailings, or your brand’s identity will begin to break down exponentially. The tempo of your social media strategy should be in sync with your web design marketing.

Multi-Channeled Marketing takes time and patience. It requires awareness, confidence, and openness to change. Little by little, we at MultiGraphic Marketing can help you fine-tune your brand to a profitable key. If you give your customers continuity, they will be confident in your products and services. Continuity is strength, and strength is focused power.

Where would you like to begin? We create marketing solutions for clients in York, Lancaster, & Lebanon PA and all surrounding counties.

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