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Thanks for tuning in again! First of all we need to explain what FSC stands for- it stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This council certifies that paper mills are following strict procedures in managing their forests. They want to make sure that the forests are not depleted and that new trees can grow.

When a print job is FSC certified it means the printer is FSC certified and the paper bought for the job is also FSC certified. The printer would have gone through very strict procedures and were checked out to make sure they are being environmentally friendly in their printing. It’s a big deal because the printer would have spent over $5000 to become certified. Once all of these procedures have been met and verified by the council they will assign a code number showing it has been FSC certified. This code number will appear next to the FSC logo on the printed piece. This is just one way of many to help protect our environment and staying green.

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