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How to Hook Potential Customers with a Striking First Glance

In only a few seconds your potential customers will decide whether or not they believe your brand’s website has something to be desired. Superficial maybe, but it’s a fact: If you want to attract customers (and more importantly, preserve them), you need to have a polished  page which will lure them with ease and strength, a page which sums up your name in a heartbeat– a home page. Here’s what you should know:

1. Be aware

Do your research. For optimal Integrated marketing results, you need to be aware of multiple market avenues to ensure your brand’s image is focused. One of the most common failures of a proper home page– and successful website– is when a brand crowds their image with too much information. First answer what is it you do? Do you provide a service, manufacture a product, or provide online content?  The best integrated marketing services focus in on your target market with clarity.

2. Be attractively simple

If your brand and target market is not easily apparent within seconds of stumbling upon your page, your site will suffer. As information flows at an astronomical rate in the 21st century, the last thing someone wants to do is cipher through obscure text, images, or pointless videos. A clear home page is proof of a viable brand– if you know yourself, you are confident in your services then your customers will have confidence in you.

The bottom line: A profitable home page, bold and free from tricks and noise, requires smart website design.MultiGraphic Marketing can help you get there.

3. Provide incentive

If you have done your research and created an attractively simple page, perhaps you may also consider providing an incentive which makes sense for your audience. A great landing page has textual content which progresses the reader, and is actionable. Why should your readers view what you want to share? Tell them immediately. After all, this is your chance.

MultiGraphic Marketing will work closely with you to assure your home page lures. We understand that smart research, conditioned clarity, and reasonable incentive brings life to your brand– and your market!

Maybe you have a great idea brewing, but you are not sure how to move forward– we can help you take it from here. Give us a call at (717) 625-1255 or email us at  

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