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When considering how to profit from promotional materials, you might consider the following: How can I form a marketable connection between my physical products/services and my online presence? If you offer services which are predominantly online-based, you might ask yourself if physical promo items are even worth investing in…we think certainly!


The smartest promotional products function as investment. They work as a call-to-action each time your leads interact with them. In such a Multi-Channeled market , it is critical that you synchronize all of your marketing strategies so as to always lead your customers ‘back’ where you want them to be- decisive buyers! You can most easily achieve this goal with digital promotional products.


What do we mean? USB cards, QR Codes, CD Roms and other digital memory units. If you personalize a USB card with your company logo, you not only give your prospects a functional tool which they might use for years, but you can also store and present more ads for them right away, and perhaps lead them to another channel of your marketing efforts. If I put the USB in my computer for the first time, I see before me pre-loaded materials- links to your website, photographs, and videos. The USB card now functions as a sort of call-to-action, and as a prospective customer I can be lead to social media and other outlets of your company.


Digital promotional products are a great marketing choice not only for businesses who operate mostly online, but any business who wants to try to get their prospective buyers interconnected on one’s multi-channeled marketing network. We at MultiGraphic Marketing want to get you on the right track to a quick sales conversion. Let us join your many tracks so your customers can ride to you, and you can ride straight to a profit!

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