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White Apples from the Tree of (Monopolized) Knowledge: How to Effortlessly Lure your Customers with Luxurious Brand Design


Did you know BMW lead designer Sandy McGill claims that Apple brought new life to the color white? In marketing, color matters.


What once used to be the color for colors became a gesture of modernity, of luxury. Consumers become attuned to visual trends very quickly, and draw cultural connections regarding color.


When choosing appropriate colors for branding and promotional purposes, it is far more important to have an understanding of the marketing niche in which your products and services operate rather than how individual colors affect individual consumers. It is much easier and arguably beneficial to look at industry sectors and look for color commonalities: Banks/blue, environmental services/green, jewelers/silver and gold, etc.


However, an understanding of industry trends is not enough. If you really want to boost your brand with the proper color marketing campaign, it’s best to add a touch of personality. It may be a fact that most banks boast the color ‘blue’ in their materials, but how can your brand take advantage of this trend while also adding your own touch which makes people want to know more about you?


And what about shapes? In the 21st century, simplicity is luxury. The most ‘modern’ of devices often boast clean lines, and are the least ‘noisy.’ Look at the iPod: It is a screen with a single home button. The sleeker the device, the more ‘expensive’ the device tends to appear. FedEX manages to offer various colors depending on its services (ground, sea, and air), while still preserving its single text which boasts a forward-moving arrow hidden between the ‘E’ and the ‘X.’


Successful and truly attractive brand design is a harmony between text, shape, and color. Here at MultiGraphic Marketing, we always like to ask ourselves the purpose of each. Our creative services team is ready to help you craft the best design for you. Your logo represents your identity, so let’s get it right!

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