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Automated Interest, or Just Spam? How Appeal to Customers with Automated Mail (without being trashed) 


Marketing over time (drip email campaigns), whether by email or direct mail automation, is an intricate process. The smallest alterations in your marketing strategies could either boost or reduce your conversation rates. The most successful direct mail marketing campaigns anticipate, and rightly adjust to, the changing behaviors of leads. When considering the smartest automation plan, consider the following:


  1. How Do I Begin?

Before beginning your campaign, you must consider what brings people to your brand and how they get there. An automation campaign requires more confidence than many other integrated advertising strategies, because once you begin your campaign, although you anticipate and adjust to changing behaviors of leads, you must have an unchanging center around which to spin. When considering your target audiences, you need to have an understanding of their previous behaviors. Only by knowing (or extrapolating) the needs of your leads, whether potential or current, will you be able to most effectively craft a plan.


  1. Which roads do I take?

Once you have a firm idea of your starting point, you now need to plot a map to path out where you are going. This is your drip campaign. How are you asking your customers to reply to your mailings?  If they perform action A instead of action B, how do you react accordingly? This is where personalization and follow-through become critical. At this most critical phase, you have the potential to convert a great number of leads into sales. It is important not to overwhelm businesses or consumers with too many choices, but also not to give them too few. This will only waste your time and money, and will give your leads very little to work with.


  1. Is this the best route?

Integrated marketing communications never silence – profitable automation campaigns require constant measure and adjustment. If a campaign is simply not working, it may be best to go back to square one instead of patching up rickety foundations. Measure, measure, and re-measure your results.


MultiGraphic Marketing has been helping clients all over the York, Lancaster, & Lebanon PA areas gain customers with automated mail services. We know our way around. We would be happy to consult with you to figure out the best objectives, roads, and routes for you, so you can gain more customers- and more confidence. Please give us a call at (717) 625-1255 or email us at   images (5)

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