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Author: Ellen Dohm


January through April is “trade show” season.  Not only do you want to showcase the products and services you have to offer it’s also a great time to round up some new prospects.  Most people are willing to give you their contact information in exchange for receiving something.  Whether that’s a chance at a large raffle or something they can walk away with immediately.  Now, if you ask people what the most popular give-away item is at trade shows, the majority are going to answer the all mighty pen.  It can be fairly inexpensive, easy to hand out and everyone uses one.  But, think of all the pens you’ve collected over the years…  Do you really remember where you got it?  Don’t get me wrong, pens can be a great give-away item, especially when used in conjunction with another give-away that has a higher perceived value.  The whole point of a give-away is for the recipient to remember you when you reach out to them.  If you want to stand out from the other exhibitors at a trade show, give something that’s unique and playful.  You want people to remember you when you contact them.

Hello, Mr. Brown.  This is Joe Smith from XYZ Corporation, you gave me your contact information when you visited our booth at the Spring Show.  We were the ones that had those crazy poppers that were flying around all over the area.  Remember me now?

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