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Author: Meagan Hollman

Search Engine Optimization. It’s a term that marketing and advertising agencies throw around like everyone knows what they’re talking about. But the truth is, many small companies don’t understand what it is or how it can be beneficial to their company.

Commonly referred to as SEO, search engine optimization is the process of organically creating content that will be visible and easily read by search engines. As search engine optimization has become more popular in PA, companies have mastered a few key components to creating an optimized site.

1) Keyword

The most important aspect of search engine optimization in PA is getting the right consumers to the right businesses. Keywords are one to four word phrases that someone would realistically type into a search engine. PA companies that specialize in search engine optimization usually conduct tons of research to find the topics related to their client.

When someone searches for “web design York PA” the information on a Web Design Company Website in York PA should be relevant enough for search engines to see and then pull up. Websites should provide more than enough information on the company, its location and operating hours, the products or services it offers, testimonials and enough compelling evidence to convince consumers of its superiority.

2) Blogs and Social Media

One of the best ways to get enough content out there is through a relatable social media platform, like a blog. Blogs are great for search engine optimization in PA because they talk about information relative to the company (so there are lots of chances to incorporate the key words).

Blogs have new content at least a few times a week, so they have updated information, which is exactly what search engines look for. Blogs are also easily shared, which could increase search engine optimization in PA. Posts on other social media sites are also up-to-date and easily shared. These will also increase search engine optimization for companies in PA.

3) Links

Links increase search engine optimization because they can bring more traffic to your PA company. If one has links through a website, and connects back to the home page or other landing pages, search engine optimization will also be increased, because the website shows up more to search engines. Additionally, if other bloggers, articles or websites link to a PA website, search engine optimization will also be increased because of the popularity.

Keywords, blogs and links are just a few of the ways a PA company can start to apply search engine optimization to its website. For the most optimized website and higher rankings on popular search engines such as Google, contact a marketing or advertising agency that specializes in search engine optimization here in PA.

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Jessica Jensen is a firm believer in having a brilliantly optimized website. She writes for the Fusion 360 Agency, a strategic brand marketing company and digital advertising agency that can help build your brand online.

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