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Author Ellen Dohm

Top Ten Reasons to Work with an Independent Distributor such as MultiGraphic Marketing – continued

Sourced from PSDA’s outline on working with independent distributors

  •  We obtain the best products, price and delivery combination

We are not bound by the policies, product lines or production limitations of any single source of supply.  By working with an array of printers and business partners, we can deliver your product at a fair price.  We work with our customers to understand each project and are able to offer recommendations on how to produce a finished product that meets project requirements and remains within our customers’ budget.  Using business partners nationwide, we have access to an array of products and are able to reduce freight costs by selecting a printer near your delivery site.

  • We sell the majority of products in the marketplace today

A recent research study showed that distributors such as MultiGraphic Marketing control 71% of the market for forms, labels, checks, direct mail and other business printing.  In fact, many businesses work with print distributors on a day-to-day basis but are unaware that they are doing so.


  • We are true business partners

We pride ourselves by going above and beyond to do business exactly the way our customers want.  Meeting with customers when and as often as they like, shipping and packaging items the way their customers want to simplify processing time.  When you work with MultiGraphic Marketing, rest assured that you are gaining a true business partner who is focused on your objectives.


  • We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes

We have experience working with local start-ups, mid-sized companies and national corporations with multiple locations.  Because we serve clients in and across a variety of industries and vertical markets we can use the expertise we’ve gained in one industry to solve problems within your company and work with you to provide the right solution to your needs every time.


  • We can help out in a crisis

As a business partner, MultiGraphic Marketing becomes an extension of your company.  We help our customers avoid inventory shortages and work with them through other emergency situations.  And, if a situation arises that is beyond anyone’s control, we have the network and expertise to assist you with rush orders, emergency consultations and trouble-shooting to make even the most difficult situation look easy.


So what do you think – is MultiGraphic Marketing the business partner you’ve been looking for?  Give us a call today at 717-625-1255 to setup an appointment with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.


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