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The Perfectly Profitable Personal URL: How to Boost Your Brand With a Few Simple Words

“The internet is simply destroying customer service. Everything’s automated and you’re just a number.”Nursery

Not anymore! Increasing popularity in direct mail marketing over the past decade has brought innovative means of engaging customers. Personalized URLs, or pURLs, are uniquely personalized microsites or landing pages which can supplement your marketing campaign.

You can deliver a specific offer, introduce a new product or present information about services a particular customer may be interested in on a web page specifically designed for a post card recipient.

With pURLs, prospects transform into customers. Such customizability and personability reads well to customers, and you are able to virtually ‘interact’ with them before they even send you an email, dial your number, or enter your office or store. pURLs give your customers a viable opportunity to seek out your products and/or services without feeling lured. There is a sense of freedom and compatibility your customers will certainly appreciate.

How do the personalized URLs work? Well, let’s say you are planning a direct mail postcard campaign to an aggregated list of potential customers. A pURL is an actual personalized, organic landing page particular to each of those customers– each customer will be directed to their own ‘world’ of your website, a world of which you are able to view any user activity. MultiGraphic Marketing is an expert at helping you develop an integrated marketing campaign that offers targeted visitors will be able to access any recorded data relevant to each customer and your needs.

Not only are Personal URLs really ‘personal’ as they are customizable to each customer, but they give you a true birds-eye view to observe how your target market shifts according to any marketing integration’s, especially internet advertising.

pURLs give your target audience an interactive experience while tracking conversions of individual customers. Talk about a great way to personalize your marketing message!

The creative thinkers at MultiGraphic Marketing can help you spark efficient integrated marketing. We look forward to sharing with you how pURLs– when properly integrated– can begin to propel your brand to greater speeds and bring your audience pool to a family of focused buyers!

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