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Picture this: You awake to a metallic treble, head to your door to pick up your glass bottles of milk, get into your beautiful suit or dress perfectly steamed, and head out the door with an empty briefcase. A couple of hours later, after exploring a trade show, your case is so stuffed with photographs, copies, shirts, and pens you cannot even begin to fully close it shut.

In 1954, this was reality. In 2014, an unprofitable nightmare.

Today, presenting a clear, concise, and powerful media is just as important as any company website or business card. No longer can folders upon folders of overwrought copies, photographs, and freebies suffice. As cyberspace expands exponentially on a daily basis, prospective customers, business affiliates, and press teams want less and less to take time to read and draw conclusions on their own –they want you to cut to the chase.

If one can create a compelling media kit, persuasive promo items follow suit. Nailing the media kit presupposes a firm understanding of company vision. Keep these three rules in mind:

1. Tell, don’t sell

First and foremost, a successful media kit makes loud and clear what drives a company- it does not attempt to sell: What is your purpose, for whom are you working, why are you working for them, and how do you like to work? While answering these four questions, the best media kits consistently consider the terms originality and innovativeness: What makes you special, and how is your specialness innovative? If you have your products and services under control, they will speak for themselves.

2. Share, don’t narrate

A media kit given is a biography/history of your brand. This should be very short, and active. How does your history fuel to your company? Your company is not dead- it’s organic.

3. Play, don’t sit

All the best media kits form a bridge between physical media and cyber media. Consider a web-based media kit. This allows interaction and friendly usability.

Telling, sharing, and playing: With these three steps you keep the reins on your brand, but you give your customer the freedom to choose, while not overbearing them with information and pushing them away.
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