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Author: Ellen Dohm

A recent poll by SurveyMonkey confirms that great customer service definitely pays off. A whopping 72% of customers say they’re “very” or “extremely” likely to purchase from a company because of their reputation for outstanding customer service. But what is great customer service? The survey revealed the following aspects of customer service from most important to least.

  • The ability of the Customer Service Representative (CSR) to clearly understand the clients request and knowledge of the product
  • The ability of the CSR to resolve an issue
  • Timeliness of response/resolution
  • Personality and friendliness of CSR
  • Quick and easy access to CSR
  • CSR communicates authentically
  • Receipt of an unexpected discount or freebie
  • CSR provides additional information or service the customer needs but didn’t request

If you give your customers an excellent customer service experience, they’re more likely to recommend you to others.

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