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Make a Stronger Impression with Print

Marketers should be paying attention to today’s trends in education. The same tools that help young readers learn and absorb information help the target audiences for your marketing campaigns learn and retain marketing information, too. One of these tools is paper.  In a new report, “Third Annual Back to School Annual Report,” the Paper and Packaging Board has gathered a vast number of statistics that show just how vital print remains to learning.

Take a look at this data:

  • 96% of parents think that paper is an essential part of their children achieving their educational goals. This includes 95% of Millennial parents.
  • 86% of parents say their children learn better when they write things down on paper.
  • 56% of Millennial parents feel “most comfortable” helping their children when they are working with textbooks and worksheets.
  • 72% of parents overall say they use paper to help their children focus.
  • 95% agree they often see their child do well on homework when they complete it on paper.

In a world dominated by electronic communication, paper continues to show its muscle. Studies consistently show that paper aids the absorption and retention of information, which are the characteristics that help your prospects absorb and retain your marketing message, too.

Paper remains a mainstay of marketing for a reason!

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