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First of all let’s talk about carbon paper. Carbon paper is a piece of paper that has one side that has been coated in ink. This sheet was inserted between sheets of plain paper placed with the ink side down to transfer impressions that were made on the top sheet to the following layers of carbon paper and plain paper below. If you signed on the signature line on the top sheet of a contract it carried down the layers to the signature line of the oriented copies below. Carbon paper can become very messy as you have to touch the sheet and move it to your next project and you may have ink transferred to your hands and then to your clothing!

Carbon-less paper began to evolve sometime after, using the same principle of pressure on the top sheet to transfer the impression but instead of carbon paper it incorporated chemicals encapsulated within the sheet. Carbonless paper is often referred to as NCR (No Carbon Required), is used for creating a carbon copy (duplicate form) of invoices, invoice books, receipt books or other business forms. Carbonless papers are an alternative to traditional carbon paper that is both biodegradable and stain-free. It can be used to make a duplicate copy of an original document, whether handwritten or mechanically typed, without having to resort to electronics.

Each sheet of carbonless paper is coated with a reactive clay or micro-encapsulated ink or dye, which is the basis behind its basic function. Micro-encapsulated dye coats the back of the first sheet, and on the top surface of the lowermost sheet is a coating of clay that rapidly reacts with the dye, forming a permanent mark in the process. Intermediate sheets of carbonless paper can also be used that have dye on the bottom and a coating of clay on the top.

Finally, carbonless paper also has a wide range of applications within your business. It can be used for seemingly everything from notepads to business forms in various sizes for whatever purpose that you may have in mind. Call us today to let us help you streamline your business forms!

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