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Are you an entrepreneur? Perhaps you have a business plan, and you need more eyes and hands to help make your vision reality. One of the most important aspects to consider in your marketing campaign is the significance of place.


For our local clients who take advantage of the tourism industry, marketing Lancaster, PA has been easy. When helping you perfect your company identity, our creative services professionals understand the profitable potential of rural and country life. As markets increasingly outsource, people are searching for authentic, home-made, hand-made products and services. They are searching for the trust and personability only small businesses can provide. Here’s three reasons why the ‘rustic’ angle never fails:


1. It’s tangible

Local-oriented businesses provide products and services which have physically observable impacts on the people around them. Instead of working from an impersonal distance, local-oriented businesses can be trusted- they have to be. Our location and size makes us accountable to you. If you need verification of our work-ethic, simply ask your very own neighbors in the York, Lancaster, & Lebanon PA areas who have worked with us!


When you consider your many options for branding, the intimacy of the ‘rustic’ and ‘local’ angle brings peace of mind and personability to your identity.


2. It’s unique

Every locale has its own story– Lancaster County’s is 300 years old. Not only does emphasis on the ‘rustic’ angle bring personability to your brand, but it also displays an extra sense of singularity.


3. It grows on itself

Branding which prides itself on locality, personability, and handy craftsmanship grows on itself– people around you come to know your products and services, and before you know it, you have more leads than ever.


Our integrated marketing communications team understands the great emotional and profitable potential of local strategies. Our dedicated team will work with you from concept to strategy to implementation, and will help select the marketing strategies best suited for you– whether with a ‘rustic’ or ‘urban’ angle!


Give us a call at (717) 625-1255 or email us, and we will get started right away!

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