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What We Do

Integrated Marketing is MultiGraphic Marketing

We are your local multichannel marketing professionals, bringing you compelling messaging and visibility-raising strategies through integrative web, print, and creative services to amplify your brand with speed and efficiency.

Technology-oriented, results-driven. At MultiGraphic Marketing, we help unify your marketing and communications efforts to refine your image through establishing strong social media presence, producing attractive and intelligent web and print design, and providing effective promotional services. Whether you require pURL construction, promotional apparel ordering, or webpage catalog form creation, our dedicated team will work with you from concept to strategy to implementation, working towards customer outreach, target market growth, and ROI gain together!

We work with you, for you.
Team up with an integrated marketing company that understands ALL of your marketing needs, and discover the marketing potential in a Multi-Channel Campaign. With MultiGraphic Marketing you can:

Bring Unity to Web and Print by:

  • Creating unique landing pages for direct mail campaigns.
  • Implementing QR code on a poster to drive customers online for more details.
  • Various marketing and advertising techniques work best when they work together. Learn how to bring consonance to your brand identity with multi-channel campaigns.

or you can

Crown Your Brand with the Hallmarks of Creative Graphics, Smart Logos, and Captivating Images by:

Utilizing our full service design and branding services to make a lasting impression on your audience and present your brand identity with resonance.

Looks can’t kill, but they sure can attract. Learn how to reign in customers with style.

or you can

Establish a Firm Presence on Social Networks and Increase Your Visibility Exponentially by:
Employing a successful social media marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Youtube.
Real relationships make for real, loyal customers. Learn how to use social media marketing effectively and be part of the conversation.

We create marketing solutions for clients in York, Lancaster, & Lebanon PA and all surrounding counties. Ready to boost your game?

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