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Last Friday marked the 153rd anniversary of the first transcontinental telegraph message was sent in 1861. Who would have thought a mere 153 years later we can speak, text, skype and email to practically anyone in the world and even into outer space? Technology is truly an amazing thing and in the last 25 years it has exploded at an even greater rate. Even with all of these capabilities available, the printed word in the form of books, magazines, brochures, direct mail, etc. still remains an effective tool for delivering your message to your audience. After all, with Gutenberg’s invention of movable type and the first “modern” printing press in the year 1439, print has a good 432 more years of experience under its belt. Click here for 5 Essential Tips for creating a great brochure. Brochures are just one way to get your message and your brand recognition to your target audience. Call us today and let MultiGraphic Marketing show you the power of the printed word!

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