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ST_video1The Double-Edged Promotion: When Video Strikes a Personal Conversation

Everyone loves a good story. When it comes to video marketing, communicating a strong story in a visually stimulating manner is the next best thing to speaking face-to-face with your audience. An emotion-triggering marketing video that tells a great story will do wonders for your brand. In fact, visitors to your website are more than 50% likely to purchase from you if you display a great video.


Not only do strong videos influence your customers’ buying decisions, but those uploaded to YouTube are more likely to rank higher in search engine results. A well-executed promotional video brings a professionally personal quality to your image which image and text simply cannot do alone. You speak with your prospective customers before they can even make the first move. This allows them to have a fundamental understanding of your products and services through the most simplest of mediums– and they can make well-informed, stress-free decisions. Customer service becomes ever more efficient!

MultiGraphic Marketing can develop professional marketing videos for your company that tug at your customer’s heartstrings, make them think, and leave a lasting impression of your brand message. We do not cut corners, and we strive for full integration on social media outlets so that your video will be seen. From virtual tours to voiceover and video promotions, our adept professionals will begin to reel in your ROI with clarity and confidence.

We offer the following video services to businesses in Lancaster PA, Lebanon PA, York PA, Philadelphia region, Harrisburg area, as well as Maryland, and the surrounding areas: Storyboarding & Concepts Production & Videography Video Editing Video Email Virtual Tour/360 Video Animation Voiceover services Promotional DVD or CD.

For more information, give us a call at (717) 625-1255 or email us at, and we’ll get shooting! 


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