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Author: Mark Deller

One of my favorite things…

That was then… when I started selling printing over 30 years ago, the “tools” needed to make sales calls and close sales were very much different the way they are in 2015. A typical day in sales was driving to an industrial park area, stopping at every business available, asking the receptionist the name of the purchasing agent and leaving a business card for that person. When I got back in my car I would write down the name of the business and the purchasing agent. I would spend almost all day gathering company names and purchasing agent names. At the end of the day, back at the office or at home, I would organize the names I gathered all day, put the information onto 3” x 5” index cards along with the addresses and phone numbers. Before I left the house the next day, I would call all of the names I gathered the previous day to try and set-up an appointment or at least have a conversation.

Again, this method of getting names and making phone calls was the most effective way I knew of meeting people, starting new relationships and eventually growing my business.

This is now…In 2015, the sales process if very much different however it’s still about meeting people, building relationships and doing business. But the process, like I said, is different. Today there are a number of methods of finding new companies, meeting  people. The internet allows us to find and research companies and people before we contact them. Regular email or Facebook and Linkedin, are few great resources that allow us to contact people to start building that relationship.

Bottom line…the information gathering process has changed dramatically but the sales process is still the same. Building long lasting relationships is still the most important thing about sales… Sales are sales are sales!sales (1)

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