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Alicia’s Favorite Thing #2

Headwear from Cap America

Cap America has been making headwear since 1985. They have 3 basic lines of caps: X Series, Classic and Value. There are so many things to love about caps from Cap America! Starting with free embroidery tapes of up to 10,000 stitches! 3D embroidery is available on any embroidery locations. They will do virtual samples and FREE spec samples!  Step 1-we send them your logo. Step 2-Cap America creates several different virtual samples from which you can choose. Step 3- from the design selected they create an actual sample branded with your logo for final approval. It’s that easy to create a unique custom cap!

I love the fact that they ship their stock caps, decorated, in 3 business days- very convenient when you have an event that didn’t make it on your priority list! Their Eco-friendly caps began their lives as a plastic bottle, now with a new purpose. After the bottle was recycled it became polyethylene terephthalate or PET then it was spun into yarn that created the fabric for the cap, pretty cool (item # i5006)! Interesting to know that logoed caps are considered to be one of the most “attractive” business promotional item by end users, which makes caps an exceptional product of exposure for advertisers.

Decorating can be done via embroidery or silk screening. They can even decorate the fabric strap in the back. If you are interested in a completely custom cap they can be done overseas in 21 days with socially complicit manufacturing facilities. If you have ever tried ordering caps overseas you know that there are typically high minimums. Not so with Cap America- the minimum custom cap order produced overseas is only 144! Caps manufactured in the USA have a low minimum of only 48 caps. Their basic caps come in unstructured low profile, structured medium profile, 6 panel mesh back, 5 panel high profile, unstructured medium profile and high profile. Cap America offers camouflage, Reebok and Visor headwear.

Call us today to get started with your next cap order, Cap America caps will become your “favorite thing” too!

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