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Author: Ellen Dohm

Benefits of List Segmentation to Direct Mail Marketing

If you’re using direct mail marketing to generate sales of your products and services, you probably send the same marketing materials to everyone on your list.  However, segmenting your list can help increase sales.

  • Tracking – segmenting your list allows you to more accurately track where your sales are coming from.  Use a tracking code on each letter you send to different list segments, you can use the responses to identify which segments respond to particular offers.
  • Targeting – Once you’ve analyzed which segments of your list respond to particular mailings you can create a more customized letter for each segment of your list.
  • Testing – split-test you’re marketing efforts to refine your approach and generate more sales.  Create two versions of the same letter and send one version to each segment.  The responses you receive will give you information on which letter more effectively generates sales.
  • Use list segmentation to generate sales of add-on products instead of offering the same products to all of your list members.  Someone who has shown an interest in red widgets would benefit from receiving information on a red widget polisher, but not necessarily on the specially designed carrying case for the blue widget.

List segmentation can be as basic as segmenting prospective customers and current customers.  You can segment based on demographics, behavioral data and purchasing habits to name just a few.  The more detailed and extensive your segment breakdown the more likely you will experience immediate positive responses from your customers.

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