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Alicia’s Favorite Thing #3


Ever get something bulky in the mail and you were just dying to open it? That has always been a great marketing tool for companies who want their mail opened- and who doesn’t, right? People have been mailing pens, magnets, post-it note pads in their integrated marketing communications plan for ages. It has proven to be a very successful form of advertising. Remember getting that pen in the envelope from Myron Manufacturing with your name on it? Or the calendar from a local insurance agency with your name on it? Everyone likes to see their name on something- we are even proud to see our company name printed on something that we didn’t request!



While getting something “bulky” in an envelope tempts you to open it there is another even more intriguing type of direct mail. It’s called dimensional mailing. Dimensional mailing is a form of interactive marketing that engages the recipient to respond in some way, not just to respond to the offer but actually engage with the piece itself. Interactive marketing can be looked at as online searches and mobile marketing but it can also include products like QR codes that lead to a demonstration video, AR (Augmented Reality) and NFC (near-field communications). Interactive marketing is growing at a rapid pace with expectations of spending to reach 76.6 billion by 2016 (35% of all advertising). The more traditional form of interactive marketing are dimensional mailers which prompt the recipient to want to unfold, pop up and slide out over and over again.


Dimensional mailers come in all shapes and sizes from pop-up cubes to telescoping mailers, the key is to engage the recipient’s interest in folding, unfolding, pop up, fold down again and repeat. The recipient is absorbing the marketing message on the piece more each time they engage. Furthermore, dimensional mailers are often shared with others so they are produced in a way that can be “put back to their original shape”. Dimensional mail has greater penetrating power than flat mail by 20 times. Response rates are increased by as much as 75% and have a very high percentage (80% or more) of positive opinions by recipients. Dimensional mail isn’t necessarily for the long run projects, runs lengths can be as low as 50. Even with costs being higher than flat mail (production and postage) the ROI can be significantly higher as well.



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