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Ellen’s Favorite Things – Issue 1brian

Now I know I’m not Oprah, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spot new up and coming products.  I’m beginning a series of blogs that throughout the month will highlight new promotional products that have caught my eye.  This week I would like to begin with the ChargerLeash ™.  How many times have you unplugged your phone or tablet and walked away without the charger cable?  Countless times, I would imagine.  This ingenious little gadget actually sounds an alarm within seconds of unplugging your device.  It even has a “snooze” feature that you can activate when you’re at home or the office and it automatically resets to alarm mode when you reconnect. The ChargerLeash™ is available for Apple, Android, Samsung and Window platforms.  Sounds like a winner to me!applelight

Please contact MultiGraphic Marketing if you would like more information on this product.

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