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Rick’s Favorite things #2…

Clients will ask me, “Rick, what is a low cost promotional product that we can use for both a trade show give away item and also as a leave behind for our outside sales staff that will have value to the recipient?” Often I answer, much to their surprise, have you ever tried a Koozie*?  Think about it, everybody owns several of them, they have them in their home, boats, around the pool, at the beach, they take them to friends and neighbors homes to watch sporting events, swim and entertain, etc.

And the whole time they hold them in their hand, your companies Name, Logo, and Contact Information is staring them in the face. Something to think about…

koozie*A koozie or a coozy (pronunciation: /ˈkzi/ koo-zee) is a fabric or foam sleeve that is designed to thermally insulate a beverage container, like a can or bottle.

Koozies are used to insulate a chilled beverage from warming by conduction and heat radiation, like a hand, warm air, or sunlight. Using a koozie can reduce the rate a drink warms in the sun by up to 50%.

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